The Migration Paths to Azure AD

NOTE: This course has been moved to GumRoad.

In this course we will discuss the migration paths from legacy Active Directory environments, and some key considerations. For example, how does the move to Azure AD fit in with the bigger picture of migrating all our other apps and services to the cloud?

We will cover:

  • Why migrate?
  • Users & groups
  • Connecting third-party applications and SSO
  • Devices and device states
  • Azure AD Join vs. Hybrid Azure AD Join
  • Security policies
  • Recommended migration paths

Azure AD supports the modern workplace across every major device platform and every major cloud provider. Bring your own device, or bring your own app: Azure AD doesn't care! The world's largest directory service will help you to wrangle the madness of the modern workplace.

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Course Instructor

Hi! I'm Alex Fields, a real human and the author of as well as the instructor for several courses here on SquareOne. I have been implementing Microsoft 365, Azure AD and Intune in production for a long time. Skip some of the pain, and come learn from my mistakes.

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